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"SWAN 1000"

Quad Imaging technology with Pet Immunity

The new Swan line detectors use specially designed optical lenses with a unique Quad element sensor and new Asic based electronics. The unit has advanced Pet Immunity that can virtually eliminate false alarms caused by small animals and pets up to 25 Kg (55 lbs) in weight.

Each unit features a diffractive mirror for “creep zones” protection.

Sharpest detection and Exceptional Stability

The Swan detectors provide unprecedented levels of catch performance, immunity against visible light and electrical transients together with exceptional stability for every security application.

Slim Designed Housings

The Swan line features compact and streamlined housings suited for residential and commercial applications.

Unique Mounting Bracket kit and Special Curtain Mask

The Swan detectors are installation height calibration free. They can be wall, corner or ceiling mounted with an exceptionally user friendly bracket kit.

The Swan Series offer a special masking device for adapting the detector's lens to curtain pattern.


  • Passive Infrared and Microwave Detector

  • Bi Directional Temperature Compensation

  • Digital Microwave signal processing

  • PIR and Microwave Sensitivity Adjustment

  • 15 x 15 m (50’x 50’), 90° detection pattern

  • Pet Immunity of up to 25 kg (55 lbs)

  • Compact design for residential and commercial installations

  • DRO Microwave technology

  • Available with 10.525, 9.9 Ghz Freq.

  • Swan K: band 24.125 Ghz Freq.

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